maru and charlie haper

This kills me:

Love it.
Apparently the cat's name is Maru... which I adore. If I ever got a cat, Maru would be a top name contender (along with Chairman Meow)... it would be top of the list even if we got another dog. Such a great name.

So its friday! I'm glad... its been a long week, full of long days. The holiday party/lunch was nice and broke up the day & week well (definitely something to be said for eating a great meal, with a nice glass of shiraz, and following it up with some vanilla cake and a piece of good chocolate... all in the middle of the work day!)... but I'm ready for some sleeping in and relaxing.

Travis treated me last night and let me open one of my Christmas presents (which I think had something to do with the fact that earlier that night he had teased me with a gift). I got some cozy new socks (which I needed) and a gift card for NY&Co. Yay! I'm eyeing up a pea coat... but am going to wait until post holiday, as I do have to follow my own rule about no buying stuff for yourself for at least a month before Christmas. Thanks love!!

I also got a sweet little somethingsomething from our office manager, whom I help out a lot. I've been thinking about something different to use that on. Specifically I've been looking at Charley Harper prints. I really like his stuff (all of it really!), this in particular:
I thought it would make a neat addition to the guest bedroom (though I think it might just be his book cover and not a print in and of itself... still, I'm not opposed to framing it!). I'll let you know what I find.

Now... back to work! Have a great weekend.

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  1. LOL @ that video. I would love to have a cat period but one like that would be awesome! ahhaha too funny :) Thank you for sharing it!

    That's awesome about the christmas gift :) Kregg and I got anxious and ended up exchanging last night! ahaha although we won't be home for christmas, which was part of our decision. I'll post about that on my blog :)

    That picture is really cool. It reminds me of those old books from when we were lil ones.


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