what i'm doing different

I have been drinking green tea everyday this cycle, and I'm going to try and keep that up until my suspected 'O'... that's supposed to help increase cervical mucus (ew), the lovely stuff which gets the spermies where they are supposed to go.

A few days after I 'O' I'm going to try and get some fresh pineapple for a week-ish... which is supposed to help with implantation.

Of course I'm still taking my multivitamin, plus folic acid supplement, plus B6 supplement.

Not that this will be the thing that "does it". If we do or don't get pregnant this month it doesn't mean that this did or didn't have an effect... I just figure, why not? If these little things - natural things - may help, why not do that little bit extra.

I'm almost done with my period, so about 10 days and I'll start obsessing over 'O' signs. Wish me luck.

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