cycle 3

Hopefully 3rd time will be the charm for us.

I had a bit of a rough morning (see my other post), but I'm lucky to have the sweetest, most caring husband. He sent me this email:


Just so you know. I have been thinking about our decision* lately and have been getting more & more excited.

We knew when we started that sometimes it can take some time so just hang in there…

Love You!!!


What a great guy!

I was trying not to be too upset about it anyway... and really, I had let go of hope when I got the bfn a few days ago... but it was a rough morning of just not feeling well physically, which just makes everything worse emotionally too. Its good that I have someone who can make me smile no matter what.

I am a lucky girl. And I'm ready to approach cycle 3 with a fresh face and postive attitude.

* "our decision" is obviously to TTC... being careful, since he was writing from his work address

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