I had a very odd dream about Ro's baby last night. More specifically, about her birth. It was weird with Ro & Pat, myself, my mom, Dr. House (from TV, not a real doctor), and Holland Taylor there as a midwife. We were all in a huge birthing tub together... one the size of a pool. Then we all just left Ro alone to go play a song (everyone played a different instrument). When I went to check on Ro, she was laying on a bed, delivering the baby herself. GG was adorable with a full head of thick, dark hair. Odd dream.
Then I woke up this morning with my period and a raging headache. What a way to start the day. Ugh. At least if I get a headache in the evening, I know that I can head to bed and wake up feeling better... but to wake up with one, its just a crappy way to start the day (hey, in 12 hours I get to go to sleep.). And my period, well that's just never fun!! At least tomorrow is friday. I'm so ready for this weekend.

Anyway, to distract myself this morning I whipped up a cute birthday ticker for Daisy!

:-) It's the little things, right? I'm so looking forward to our Christmas card from Trav's brother as he promised us pictures! Can't wait.

Okay, back to work time... I have to go help my coworker rearrange our mail/copier room as we are getting two new copiers today. It's fun being the work "muscle". ::sigh::

Edited to add: And now, i'm sneezing. A lot. Because everything we moved was coated in a fine layer of dust. Yuck.

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