christmas shopping

I'm one of those people who likes to get my Christmas shopping done early. I mean early, as in I normally like to be completely done by the time December rolls around... so I'm a bit behind this year... though I did pick up my mom's gift in August!
I'm also one of those people who really likes to find the perfect gift. Not just something the recipient will like, but something they will really get the most out of. Something that will break their face into a smile of genuine excitement and joy when they see it. Of course, I can't get that gift for everyone all the time... but I really try. That's one of the reasons I start so early... more time to look around, less stress of getting down to the wire. You realize there are only 3 weeks to go, right?

So here's my list -
COMPLETE: Trav, my parents, Rochelle (just checked off this week), Hoser, Jan (my "work mommy")
IN PROGRESS: my brother, my grandparents (my mom has a great idea for them... a digital picture frame, preloaded with pictures), and Babs

Trav is taking care of his parents and siblings, Willy, and Pat.

Cards are also done and ready to go out. We'll probably send them at the beginning of next week.

I can't wait for Christmas already. For the celebrating, the seeing of family and friends (Babs is coming into town!!), and the delivery of that gift. And with all the fun stuff we have in the next few weeks... the time should fly!

How's everyone else's shopping coming along?

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