its weird

TTC is a funny beast. It can become very consuming. You're thinking about your body all the time and what its doing... to determine ovulation timing, to look for those elusive pregnancy symptoms, to wait for your period. It drags you up and down, elates you and tires you out all the same. And the worst bit, catching up with friends and not knowing what to say because the very thing that occupies your thoughts for about 12 out of the 24 hours in a day, is the very thing that you're not really talking about. Who wants the extra pressure of everyone knowing? Plus you'd basically be talking about your and your husbands sex life.

So you don't talk about it... and I end up saying things like, "Yeah... life is good! We just finished redoing a room, and work takes up our time. ::pause to think about ttc:: And uh, we've been watching a lot of movies." Riviting (and by riviting, I mean completely lame).

But how would I even talk about it if I did decide to share. How do you discuss something that is so consuming, but where still - really - your biggest news is that you aren't knocked up. Funny, funny beast.

I just can't wait until I am pregnant... and then I still won't be able to talk about it for three months, but during those three months I'll have a living thing inside me! I can already see myself struggling not to explode! :-)

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