So... uh, apparently there was a little brotherly miscommunication... because we just got pictures of Daisy, and she is very not yellow:

But she is damn cute!! Lol. So we now have a Black Lab named Daisy. :-)

Here she is with her brothers and sisters (held by my BIL's stepkids):

He says that she is the sweetest of the bunch, and we are even more excited to meet her now. Approximately 50 days to go!

Otherwise, not much to report. The boss is out today, so it will be a quiet day at work. Then tonight is Trav's work holiday party, which I'm a little nervous about since I'm having one of those very self conscious times and am not excited about getting gussied up. I know it will be fun once we're there though. Tomorrow is the hockey game. Go Flyers! :-) Sunday we'll see Ro & Pat for dinner. I can't wait to see how she's grown, since we didn't see them last weekend.

Now, back to work!

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