feeling better

I'm feeling so much better today. Rested, no headache, and hell yes... its friday.

Its been a long week for a number of reasons. At the beginning it was mostly because of coming back to work after a week off... actually having to get up at 7am again, plus playing catch up. By the end of the week it had morphed into something different... something I'm not really talking about at the moment, but which I wrote a whole other post about, that will be published... well, later.

I know, that whole paragraph was a bit useless... could I say more without saying anything at all?

Really all I'm getting at is that I'm so glad its almost the weekend. I need a weekend. And this should be a good one. Tonight I'm going to start it off right with a batch of brownies... probably topped with marshmallows and, if I remember to pick them up, crushed peppermints. Mmm... perfect holiday treat. Tomorrow is Ethan's play. And Sunday maybe we'll do some holiday decorating! I'm excited just thinking about it all. Hope your weekend relaxing!

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