101 in 1001, the redux

So, June is officially the end of my first "101" in 1001... and while I didn't finish it all, I'm pretty pleased with how I did. You can check it out HERE. End tally:  54 done, 7 still in progress, 10 to be completed soon, and 8 that just aren't going to happen right now.

But, I'm going to go for it again!! So here is my new 101 in 1001 list, with a completion date of March 2014!!
(Right now I'm 7 short... any suggestions? Also, I'll need your help for #88.)

Things in green are the items that are in progress.
Things in blue are completed items.
Things in purple are going to be completed, but after the March 2014 time frame.
Things in orange are just not going to happen anytime soon!!

  1. go camping
  2. see the Grand Canyon
  3. visit a new state
  4. attend the Celtic Classic
  5. attend a pro football or baseball game
  6. see a Broadway show
  7. visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
  8. go to Lancaster county (Amish area)
  9. go to Eastern State Penitentiary around Halloween
  10. get Gwen a passport

  11. decide for sure on being a surrogate
  12. find a church to attend as family
  13. start/continue at least one family tradition
  14. make an Easter trip to DC MD! They moved!
  15. visit with Babs at least once a year
  16. monthly playdates with Ro
  17. go on 4 (no child) date nights with Trav
  18. dance in the rain with Gwen (so wonderful... I'll definitely do this again...)
  19. stay at a B&B with Trav during foliage season

  20. get my new tattoo 
  21. sort out clothes and donate ones I don't wear
  22. make necklace organizer 
  23. sort jewelry 
  24. cut purse stash in half
  25. buy one new "timeless" piece
  26. once I'm done nursing, pack away nursing tanks and bras!
  27. get 1 pedicure every season

  28. pay off Trav's new car
  29. build up savings by at least half 
  30. do another "no credit card" month
  31. star.bucks no more then 2x a week
  32. eat out no more then 2 times every three weeks

  33. keep in weight comfort zone 
  34. do weekly baking soda facials switched to oil cleanse method instead!
  35. walk at least 2-3 times a week 
  36. buy a bicycle
  37. eat at least one veggie a day
  38. complete a 5k, try to run it (5m MS Walk in April '12, 5k Color Run in September '12)
  39. do mommy and me swim lessons (video!)
  40. go to the dentist at least 3 times
  41. have more sex! (at least 2x every 3 weeks, for 3 months in a row)

  42. grill peaches 
  43. try a new cuisine 
  44. go to a fruit festival in the fall
  45. learn to make preserves/jam
  46. find a great bread/loaf recipe
  47. make at least one loaf of bread every fall
  48. make at least one meal from scratch a week
  49. add 4 new recipes to our regular rotation
  50. no fast food for a month (fall 2011, and keeping this going!)
  51. teach someone a recipe

    Go Green
  52. switch 2 personal hygiene items to greener options (shampoo, face wash/scrub, face lotion)
  53. attend an Earth Day event
  54. replace water heater with tankless, Energy Star version waiting on this one
  55. replace bulbs (as they burnout) with CFL bulbs 
  56. join (, and plant our 10 new trees around our house and neighborhood (when we're in new house)
  57. cut out bottled water (not perfect with this, but getting better!)
  58. influence someone to make a greener choice
  59. 10 meat-free days

  60. redo vanity and medicine cabinet in bathroom
  61. work on moving to our "forever home"
  62. completely child-proof Gwen's room, so she can have 100% free reign in it 
  63. clear front porch and make useable (places to sit, no junk)

  64. create scrapbook/photobook with high school pictures
  65. create scrapbook/photobook with college picture
  66. organize all other print pictures
  67. do something with wedding dress
  68. sort through all of Gwen's baby clothes, keep favorites, donate rest (cut amount in half)
  69. pare down beauty/hygiene items (use up or dispose of old ones I won't use)

    Personal Growth
  70. take a class
  71. read 5 "classic" books from my to read list
  72. get an DSLR and really learn how to use it 
  73. finally paint that canvas that's been sitting in my closet for two years (linky)
  74. have a "me" day... without Gwen or Trav
  75. revisit an old passion (martial arts, china stuff, etc.) 
  76. volunteer for an environmental cause  (signed up to clean up trails with the Sierra Club!)
  77. have 8 no TV days

  78. keep office space clean (dust once a week, remove clutter daily)
  79. attend and really listen to at least two lectures a year (through work or not)
  80. redo resume

  81. blog at least three times a week
  82. hold a really b!tchin blog giveaway (go green event)
  83. vote
  84. get an iPhone
  85. watch the sunrise
  86. send a postcard to post secret (did two through the iPhone app; still want to do a real postcard one though)
  87. donate blood (can't until no new tattoos for a year)
  88. make a snow angel
  89. complete 2 random actions that friends think I should do (::gulp::)
  90. start and keep up with stamp book (of visited places) for Gwen

  91. host a holiday dinner
  92. host a dinner party for two couples (I'm considering our house party close enough!)
  93. write more letters/notes (real letters, not emails)... at least one a month 
  94. complete a random act of kindness
  95. be on time with all birthday/holiday cards for a year

Wish me luck, here I go!

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  1. Great list, Sweetheart! Just committing your list to writing is a great step. I know you will do well. Let me know how I can assist.


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