The winds rose suddenly last night, just after I got done putting Gwen down. The day had been so hot and muggy, but I knew a storm was coming to lighten things up a bit. And boy did that storm ever come!!

Hail on our front porch.

The wind was tossing the branches on our neighbors tree back and forth. And the hail came down so hard that it sounded like someone was popping popcorn against the side of our house.

Front lawn COVERED in hail.

After the hail stopped, and the rain slowed down to a nice patter instead of a torrential downpour, we were finally able to open the windows and take advantage of the cool air. The temp actually dropped over 10* in less then 20 minutes!

Trav taking advantage of the rain to wipe the cars down!

The street, now pond, behind our house.

My favorite part though, was watching the amazing show of lightning. It was gorgeous!


Storm cloudy skies.

Such great lightning with this storm!

I actually just stood and watched it for almost a half hour. I love, love, love a good summer thunderstorm.

Amazingly Gwen slept through it! It was so loud that the storm sounds were maxing out the bars on her monitor, but she just snoozed on through.

Now its Friday, and a much cooler day, which should make it easier to get through. But get TO it, I must! Enjoy your day, and enjoy your weekend!

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