::big exhale:: Woo!

Killer way to start the weekend? Stop in at home, take a moment to use the bathroom, end up surrounded by broken glass!

(Long story short... knocked into the above toilet organizer thing, jostling an electric candlestick thing off of the top shelf and shattering its bulb all over the floor at my feet. So I had to finish peeing, and manage to get my pants up while on tiptoes!)

Thankfully it was just me (hadn't picked Gwen up from daycare yet), and I got it all cleaned up, but it was not a promising start.  Also thankfully, things improved greatly after that. Gwen was pretty excited to have Mama pick her up from daycare, and after some confusion over Dada not being around, we had a fun night together.

(Pulled this out for Casey to use Tuesday... Gwen decided to climb in.
So crazy, I remember when she fit in here, so tiny in the crook of the chair.)
Even better, after a week or two of slightly rough nights (damn you molars), girl went down easily and slept until 5, at which point she came to bed with me and slept until 7ish. Thank goodness!

Saturday we had some breakfast, hopped in the shower, then went to the Please Touch Museum.
I figured it would be a fun way to get us out of the house, and let Gwen blow off some energy.

She loved it.

I did too!!

I figured she'd pass out on the ride home, since she was definitely worn out (and we'd eaten lunch there), but no such luck. Instead she got her second wind. ::sigh:: A trip to the grocery store, and finally she was ready for her nap at 4:15. The downtime was nice for me too. I needed a little break.

Saturday night, a repeat of Friday... yay!!!

Sunday we met up with Ro to do some walking. She has a great trail that runs right behind her townhouse.

We took turns pushing GG,
and Casey slept happily most of the way in her carrier.

I threw Gwen up on my back in the wrap and off we went. It was a nice day for walking, not too hot, and the trail got great breezes. Definitely a bit tired at the end of the 5 miles, but that was mostly thanks to the huge hill we had to do just a 1/2 mile before getting back home.

We hung out there for lunch, then headed home (Gwen taking a nice nap in the car). Trav didn't get home until after my bedtime that evening.

Gwen went down easily again that night, but was back to waking twice unfortunately. Looked in her mouth, bottom molars are starting to cut through. Ugh. Hopefully after those get in, we'll get a little break. 

All-in-all, it was a great, fun, though super tiring weekend. I have a whole new level of respect for those that do it on their own all the time!!

Now its on to a busy week. Yesterday and today are hectic at work, tomorrow we have an event... Thursday I should finally be able to slow down a little since I'll be working from home. But for now, I have to get back to it. In the meantime, two more pictures to share. (From father's day weekend.)

(Oh silly, wonderful family.)

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