beer and babies and breastmilk (oh my!)

We had a gorgeous weekend. It was cool and just sunny enough. I'm enjoying this dip back down into the 70s and 80s... I need to save up some of the cool for Thursday, when its going to be 97*, heaven help me!!

Besides the weather, we got some other lovely stuff this weekend. First, Beer:

Trav got a home-brew kit from me for his birthday. So Friday he did the brewing part.

See that stick thing... that's my favorite "tool". Its a hydrometer which uses specific gravity to tell you the alcohol content.

Boiling the hops.

Now the soon-to-be-beer mixture is fermenting in our basement.

Saturday, was all about the baby:
We headed over the Ro & Pat's so Trav could meet Casey.

We cooked them a nice meal, and left them all the leftovers for easy reheating.

Gwen got a little jealous...

But she was enthralled by the baby!

One of my favorite moments was when I told Gwen to sit on the couch and I would bring Casey over for her to see. I came over and she stuck her hands out to hold her! It was sweet. She's a little too breakable for that yet, but in a month or so when she has more head control, I'm excite to help her hold the baby.  

Sunday we dealt with breastmilk! (and unfortunately a fever.)

A local mama came to pick up 100oz of frozen breastmilk. I met her through Human Milk 4 Human Babies (formerly Eats on Feets), who helps pair up mamas who need milk, with mamas who have milk. Gwen has been drinking less then what I've been pumping lately, so I've been freezing a ton and was running out of room in the freezer! This mama was struggling to pump even 12 oz over 4-5 pumpings a day, so I was happy to help her out. Even after giving her the 100, I still have 5 bags at home (about 25oz) and Gwen still has 3 bags at daycare. I've cut down to one pump a day, which should be just enough for Gwen everyday, and we have a few frozens just in case. So she'll finish off those frozen, then take in just one frozen as a "just in case" (a new one so good for 3 months), but use fresh daily.

Remembering how I felt just before 6 months, when I was struggling with pumping, I love that I was able to help another mama out.

Otherwise our Sunday was very low-key. Little girl had a fever, so she just wanted to be held and loved on for most of the day. She actually brought me my Mei Tai twice, and asked to be worn. I was happy to oblige.

Dada is home with her today, since we have a work farewell party (that I have to buy food for!), and I'll stay home tomorrow if she needs it... but her fever appears to be gone.  ::crosses fingers that it stays away!::

Now its time for me to buckle down and get to work!! Lots to do!


  1. awww, you're the second mama I heard of donating milk this weekend. Way to go!!

    I really regret not looking into this more with the girls. I know they would have benefited from it after their lack of nutrition (and drug exposure) in utero. I especially wonder if RB would have faired better early on.

    so glad you were able to help another babe!

  2. Thanks E. I was happy to be able to do it!


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