friday ::gulp::

Travis and I both have half days at work today (a relief considering how crazy busy the past few days have been). Him, because he's heading to DC for a weekend conference, and me, because I have to pick up Gwen from daycare.

Aka: Him, because he's going away for the next 58 hours; and me, because I'm going to be alone with the babe for the next 58 hours.


I know that people do this all the time due to jobs or being single parents, etc, but this will be the first time that Gwen and I have been on our own for multiple days in a row, not just for the daytime, but for day and night. I'm sure we'll have fun, but I'm also sure that Mama will be tired by the time Sunday night rolls around!

The game plan right now is a trip to the Please Touch museum Saturday morning to wear the girl out, and Sunday we'll probably go grocery shopping, and maybe for a long walk. Fingers crossed that she sleeps well for me! 

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