review: Inspired By Finn

I'll let you in on a little secret... ever since I bought Gwen her Inspired By Finn necklace, I've wanted one for myself! But I'm trying not to spend too much money on things I don't need (though, believe me, I definitely could have argued for why I needed one!), so I've held off.

Gwen has loved her necklace though, right from the beginning. She loves wearing it, and almost from the first day (all the way back in November), we saw results! Seriously, we went from needing tyle.nol most nights just to sleep, and uncomfortable chewing on everything, to a much happier tylen.ol-free baby. It was great.

She still wears her necklace daily, and is pretty damn adorable doing it.

She happily lets you put it on, and leaves it alone 99.9% of the time. We've been thrilled with our I.B.F. so far! (In case you were wondering, Gwen wears the Butter Rounds necklace.)

Well, recently I found out about I.B.F's blog review program and jumped at the chance to get my own necklace. I also went with the Butter Rounds, since I loved the look so much on Gwen. I got 14 - 15", which is the perfect size necklace for me, not too tight and not too loose.

So far, I actually haven't worn it on my neck so much! It hasn't gone with most of the clothes I've been wearing lately, and I'm such a jewelry girl... so I've been wrapping it around my wrist instead. Which is actually great. I've had chronic tendonitis since I was a teenager and its been flaring up recently. Since amber isn't just for teething (which I don't need much help with anyway!), but helps with a wide range of ailments, I thought it would be nice to see how it helped my tendonitis pain. I already use ergonomic wrist guards on my mouse and my keyboard to try to minimize flareups, but its not enough, so I wanted to see what amber could do.

After just two days, I noticed that my wrist was greatly improved! In fact, this whole flare-up passed without me taking any ad.vil, and with a significant bit less pain then normal. Its been about a week now and I can tell you that from now on, at the first twinge, this is going on my wrist!! In fact, I'll probably just wear it on my wrist most days... unless its around my neck.

I definitely recommend IBF to any mamas, for their babies or for themselves. In fact, I know one person on my list who'll bet getting their own IBF stuff soon.

If you want to try them yourself, click on the banner below to see what they have in stock: 

And enter code: MeganH at checkout to get 25% off!!
(Let me know if you get something... if 15 pieces are bought using my code, then I'll get a free necklace, which I'll give away here!)

* Normal disclaimer: I was provided with a discount code by Inspired By Finn, but I purchased this necklace using my own money, and all thoughts expressed here are my own. I wouldn't say I liked them unless I really did! 


  1. Meegs, I found your blog searching for an Inspired by Finn coupon code, and I just used it to buy a necklace! Thank you! Just wanted to let you know if you're keeping track of who is using it. :-)


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