busy days full of lovely :-)

Yesterday was a whirlwind! I woke at 5 to get in the shower and get ready, while my loves slept on. Then I got dressed and breastfed Gwen while Trav got ready, and was out the door by 6:15 to catch my 6:30 train into the city. There I met my boss, printed our tickets, grabbed something to drink and eat, and we were on our Amtrak to (hot, steamy, sweltering) DC by 7:15.

View from the bathroom window of the place hosting our event!
Not too shabby, huh?

We had an event, that went quite well... then it was back to Union Station, with a coworker who is shortly moving on to bigger and better things, to grab a quick lunch. He ate with me while I waited for my brother, who joined me for about 10 minutes. Then it was off to the train back to Philly, a relaxing train ride, then a run to another train out to the Philly suburbs to meet this sweet thing:

Hi Casey, I adore you already.

Mama and baby girl are both doing great. She's eating like a champ, sleeping lots, and making lots of poop (-- baby, that is!). Ahh, the life of a newborn!

I got to spend about 40 minutes snuggling this bean and talking to Ro, before Trav and Gwen picked me up to get us all home for a late dinner.

Then it was the bedtime routine for Gwen, and the end of a very full and tiring day.

As for today... busy again! But much less crazy. Just lots to do since I wasn't in the office or on email yesterday. Thankfully its almost the end of the day, so I better get finished up here so I can get home!

Ps. Casey reminds me a lot of GG... (though lighter/thinner by almost a pound!)

What do you think?

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