weekend busyness and Gwen performs

We had a busy weekend, so much so that working from home today feels like more of a break! Saturday I had a hair appointment, the first that Gwen hasn't gone to with me! She stayed home with Trav, since I had to get up there and back as quickly as possible, so that we could turn around and head to Delaware for the first birthday party of this cutie:

She had fun though... her and Trav walked down the street to a local church's community fair, saw some miniature horses and ate a picnic lunch.

The party was nice too. Always fun to see college friends.

Sunday was more relaxing, though still busy. A walk in the morning, in the afternoon Trav taught tennis, I did some chores around the house while Gwen napped, and then we all headed out together to fit Gwen for real shoes. She's been getting by with soft soled infant shoes this whole time... but since she is constantly on the move now, she needs hard soled shoes.

She got these for the summer:
They are so flippin cute, aren't they? They should last her through the warm months, and then we can get her a pair of sneakers once she's outgrowing these and its getting cooler.

Anyway, after that weekend, working from home today almost seems like a bigger break! Especially since Ro is coming over with the baby for lunch.

The weather has cooled down so nicely these past few days. I'm really enjoying a high of 71* today!! Every window in our house is thrown open to tempt in all of the gorgeous, cool air. I'll have a Tasty Tuesday for you tomorrow, with two great recipes that take advantage of cooler temps.

In the meantime, two short vids of Gwen.
Waving Hi (from this weekend... she is on my back in the wrap).

Gwen "blowing" her nose (last night).
This cracks me up. 

Enjoy the beautiful day!!

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