So, you've probably gathered that I'm trying to be greener in all aspects of my life. I've been trying to replace my shampoos/cleaners/etc with more gentle, environmentally-friendly options, use less, recycle and reuse more, etc. But the one place its always been a little harder for me is with clothes. Frankly, if they are more earth friendly, then are more expensive, or they aren't work appropriate.

Enter Ecolissa.
I'll be honest, Ecolissa still isn't cheap, but they have great fashion forward eco-conscious clothes. And their sale section makes those clothes no more expensive then anything else I buy.

I heard about their blogger review program a few weeks ago. It was perfect timing... I had just added a few of my shirts to the donate pile, since they no longer fit me well, and I really needed a few new shirts that were good for work, but not stuffy. So I picked out three items. 

Yay! I love getting boxes in the mail!
They arrived quickly, which was nice.

The first was the Mata Trader's Low Neck Top in Purple. It's made of 100% fair trade cotton.

Pretend I have a head...

I really liked this top. It fit comfortably; not to loose to be work appropriate, but not to tight for comfort sake (or appropriateness!). I material was great too, light and soft.

I wore it in DC and it stood up well to the nasty heat and humidity. It works fine on its own, and pairs well with a cardi for too cold A/C or cooler weather.

The second was the Ecoskin "Sora" Tee in Bluestone. Its made of 92% hemp and 8% spandex. Its sooo lovely and soft.

Unfortunately all they had left was a S, and it turns out, I needed an XS for this particular shirt, so I had to return in.  :-(  I was bummed, it was a beautiful color and a fun style. I loved the deep V (not too deep), and the pocket.

Once I returned the shirt (I always track my packages, just in case!), I was able to pop over to their website and hit the button for the live customer service chat. I found out that my return had already been processed, and a return sent to my credit card (package delivered on Saturday, refund issued by Monday). Great customer service!

The third item I picked is the Trinity Long Sleeve Dress/Tunic in Khaki. Its made of organic cotton.

(I think it makes my boobs look nice...)

It's comfortable and a nice weight, not too heavy or light. The material is soft and the fit is flattering. The first time I wore it, I got at least three compliments. I can't wait to try it out in the fall too, paired with my brown boots.

Overall, I was really pleased with my purchases from Ecolissa. The clothes were all really nice, and with my dealings with them in general left me with a good feeling about the company. Definitely check them out if you are looking to "greenify" your closet a little!

* Normal Disclaimer: Ecolissa provided me with a discount code to use in my purchase of these goods. However, all items were bought with my own hard earned cash, and the thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. I really do like their stuff!!  :-) 

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