i needed today

I needed today... the cool morning, the sunny breezy blue-skyed afternoon, the birds chirping outside my window. A perfect combination of relaxing and productive, both work-wise and personally.

I bought produce, I dropped off dry cleaning, I cooked... all before work. I formatted and edited two articles, sorted and replied to a dozen emails, and conferred with my boss... all before lunch. I put away clothes, wrote a just because card to a friend, refilled a prescription, ate, and read a book while pumping... all before my lunch hour was over. Now the afternoon is half gone, and I've done more emails, more editing/formatting, and worked on setting a date for a meeting; all while sitting in my comfy lounge-around-home clothes. I remembered to do no less then 3 things that I've been trying (and failing) to remember to do for the past week.

When work is done, I'll finish putting together the delicious salad we have for dinner, and wash the dishes... it will be relaxing since the "hard" part (roasting the potatoes) is over. I'll be ready with dinner when Trav and Gwen get home, instead of running around throwing things together.

Its days like today that refresh me. After a week of work busyness, coworker miscommunications (angry ones), rushed evenings, and not enough sleep (damn you molars, damn you)... I needed to be refreshed.

And now I am.

Balance is so important, and sometimes seems so hard to obtain. But its there, days like today remind me of that. It is within reach. 

I so needed today.

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  1. Sounds like a very groovy day Sweets! Very happy for ya! And you know ya gots my Love!!! 8-)


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