tasty tuesday, on a wednesday, that's from last thursday...

Working at work on Tuesday this week (switched my work from home day to Thursday because of a project that needed to be finished in office), so no big new recipe then. And Trav specifically requested that I make the Roasted Potato, Spinach, and shaved Parmesan salad again (yay! he really likes it!); so that's what I'll be doing on Thursday.

But wanted to share a recipe still, and this is a new recipe I made last week. It was quick enough to not need a work from home day to do. Its Penne Ricotta with Basil & Cherry Tomatoes (click name for recipe).

Sorry, slightly blurry iPhone shot!

I guesstimated the amounts, since its all in metric units, and left out the tomatoes (since we aren't fans). It was pretty simple and quick, and tasty as a side dish. I'm not going to make it all the time, but I'll definitely make it again.

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