it was a damp, cool, and tasty tuesday

Things that warmed up my morning, on this damp, cool Tuesday:
And while I love having them awake to laugh and play with, no moment makes me feel as warm inside as that one. And that warm feeling carries me to my own bed, where I curl up with my husband and know that no matter how crazy and exhausting the past two weeks have been, we'll get up and do it again because we're lucky, and this is all a privilege, and life is good as long as I get to tuck them in tomorrow night too.
-- Lag Liv
Love that.

Breakfast for lunch with Ro and Casey.

3 weeks

My two Tasty Tuesday recipes:

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan (recipe HERE)

And Cheddar Cheese Soup (recipe HERE)

Both very good!

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