Dear me of the future, 5 years or so.

Dear Future Megan,

You are by now, Mrs. Megan H*****, and you most likely have children. Maybe you are working in the same job, or maybe you have moved on like you hope to; maybe you are in the same house, or upgraded to something a little bigger and a little more modern. There are a lot of things that I don't know about you and where you are, and in some ways that is so scary, and in other ways it is exciting beyond words. I don't know which is worse... the idea that everything has changed or the idea that many things are still, in some ways, exactly the same.

I can't wait to "meet" you. To see your children. To know what you have experienced. Five years is nothing, and it is a lifetime. I wish you could tell me now that the silly little things that eat me up inside are all small and insignificant, and will pass into oblivion as soon as I let them. I wish I could know what choices to make now, so that you are the happiest you could be.

Megan, I promise to do the best I can until I get where you are. I promise to try and thing of the future, and the future my choices will create, as opposed to getting stuck in the problems of now. I will try and remember that each individual day, while some are "bigger" then others, are still just individual days. I will need your help on that one, I'm sure.

Give your kids a kiss for me. Love them for me, until I can get there and do it myself. Try to look to the future with as much hope as I am looking to you with now. I'm sure I will be there before either of us knows it.


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