insanity abounds

This will have to be a fast one. First off, thanks for all the great comments yesterday, you guys are sweet. We had a wonderful anniversary. Trav came into the city and we had a nice leisurely lunch together. Sushi at our favorite restaurant, Genji (on 17th and Sansom if you are interested). Which the super sweet Hiro treated us too. When i got home, Trav (who had taken the day off) had made a great dinner of angel hair pasta with shrimp alfredo sauce (my favorite!) and garlic bread. We ate, drank wine, and had nice conversation. Afterwards we exchanged gifts, and ate some ice cream cake. It was very sweet.
Today is a whirlwind day. One of our biggest work events is this weekend. So we are doing all the last minute prep for it. Editing handouts, copying, boxing, shipping, double checking, etc. This on top of all the normal stuff I have to get done. At least I will have some relaxing tonight. Trav is meeting me at the Media train station and we are heading to ******** *******, to go on a *** ****, and have some ***** by the *******. Lol, sorry but Trav reads this sometimes too, and its still a surprise until we get there. Afterwards we will head home to pack for the weekend, and Trav will join me in staying overnight at the Gregg Conference Center where we are holding our event. Tomorrow morning we will wake up to get an early breakfast, then I get to start my weekend of work around 8ish in the a.m.... blech. Trav will head out and go visit some friends. It will be a long weekend, and i will be glad when it is over. But I'll enjoy tonight.

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