these boots were made for walking

and today that's what they'll do...

Around the beginning of the summer I made a pledge to myself to get a walk in everyday after lunch. I did this for a number of reasons: to get myself moving after eating and help digest a bit, to get some much needed fresh air and sunlight, because even 15 minutes of walking a day helps your body, to wake myself up a bit, and just to get a much needed break from work between the morning and the afternoon. All summer I was so good about it. At least 4 of 5 days I would be out there after lunch, and I felt so much better for it! I was happier overall, so much so that Trav actually commented on my better mood. That combined with some adjustments to my eating habits helped bring my appatite under control. I had always been a big eater (especially for my size), but at one point this year I literally was eating every 1-2 hours and still feeling hungry. I'm sure there was something else wrong too, but all I know is I was able to get it under control by adding just a little exercise and better eatting habits.

For the past month or so however I have completely slacked off. Some of it was beyond my control... days that were just so busy, I honestly hardly had time to eat lunch. But there were also those days that it was rainy, gross weather (plenty of those lately!!) and I just didn't want to deal with it unless absolutely necessary. I've made excuses about catching up on emails, and doing "wedding research", but I know that I have to get back into it. Luckily I'm still keeping on top of what I eat... but it this past month I have started to feel slower, more lethargic, and my insomnia has been bothering me again. So today I am getting back on the horse (so to speak). I know it will be hard to find the inspiration/excitement for it for the first few days, but I'm sure I will once again start to look forward to my afternoon me time. Plus this will hopefully help my body wake up a bit and get ready for some yoga classes toward the end of this year (christmas present from Trav).

Plus now more then ever I need to take advantage of the sunlight during the day, because by the time I get home it is basically gone! And soon there will be snow... So for now I will wish you adieu, as I get outside to enjoy me some autumn!! :-)

Update: Beautiful walk, I feel great. A bit wind blown, but otherwise, a gorgeous day to start anew!

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