hiding from the sweeper... ;-)

Do you ever just have one of those wonderful days, that in its simplicity, makes you so happy to be exactly where you are at the moment? Normally I'm not a weekend blogger, but I'm having such a very relaxing happy day that I would make an exception. This weekend has been nice. Very nice. Friday we did nothing, and it was the wonderful kind of nothing that makes you happy just to be together. Saturday I had a hair appt in the afternoon right after my mom, so I headed up for that and relaxed with my mamacita... then headed back to their place for about an hour. After that I got to see Laura, Rick, & the kids, before heading home for a nice dinner with Trav. We also had fun doing some cooking together, getting everything ready and put together for the beef stew that is slow cooking in the CrockPot as we speak. Mmm. Love that stuff.
This morning we met Ro & Pat at a diner for some breakfast then came back here to clean the place up a bit. It actually looks pretty damn good. Gone are the stacks of paper and mail, gone are the boxes all over the place... and we actually have a completely open archway between living room and dining room now! Plus the bathroom has been cleaned, the kitchen wiped down, and the house vacummed. Ro & Pat will be joining us again this evening for some beef stew and some yummy wine that they got on their Murder Mystery/Wine tour... which sounded like a blast. Next year we are definitely going.
Well, I suppose that's all for me for now. I'm just so enjoying the sun, the warmth, the not having to go anywhere or do anything unless we want to... I couldn't not share. Enjoy this beautiful weather, and a relaxing weekend!!!

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  1. I love the first sentence of this post.

    I also love feeling that way.


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