a man throws his watch out the window, his wife is surprised and asks why he would do such a thing. he answers, "i wanted to see time fly" HAHAHHAAHHA

So the weekend was a good one, but of course, way too fast. We had an awesome time with Ro & Pat on Friday. Let's just say I never played such a MARATHON game of UNO before. It was a lot of laughs. We also hit up my parents this weekend to spend the night and see my sick puppy, Kelly. She has lost a lot of weight... you can feel ribs and hips, but at least she seems to have some of her old energy back for now, and her appetite. So the steroids are keeping her pain free for the time being, but it's only a matter of time before the cancer starts to shut organs down.

But, on a nicer note... I found some good ebay buys on friday and saturday. I got some stuff for my bridesmaids (obviously I'm not going to tell, not with Ro and Lauren and possibly Megan lurking about!!). Plus my mommy will be buying me my wedding shoes and bra for Christmas. Yay!

Work is flying by today... we just returned from a meeting at the Westin Hotel, which is where our event is taking place on Thursday evening. Everyone there is wonderful, professional, and I'm so reassured that the night is going to go exactly right. And with a man like Dr. Henry Kissinger, you want everything to be perfect!

Also, keep your thoughts with everyone in florida. My eye is down there for the Wright-Tinsley clan: Mary, Casey, and baby Brenna of course, plus Mary's parents (who appear to be holding down the fort alright), and also for my coworker's parents who are in Miami. It's a sticky situation for my coworker's parents, and hopefully everything will work out for them in the end.

Well, time to run yet again... but my blog surprise is coming very soon! And it is all thanks to Tamara (who is the best!!!)... you'll see you'll see!

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