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So how many of you didn't read far enough into my post yesterday to see that I wished Lauren a Happy Birthday? I know you didn't... don't lie to me. I bet even Lauren didn't! Yea, well, I don't blame you, that article was a little longer then I thought it was before I posted it. Oh well.

It is friday, and that makes me very happy. But it is raining and that makes me a wee bit annoyed. Last friday's fun event (an autumn moon hay ride, followed by a bon fire with cider) was postponed to this friday due to rain, and we were supposed to have two friends join us tonight, but now it looks like it will need to be postponed again. Hurmph mightily. Boo rain. But at least I still have my visit with my parents and poor sick puppy to look forward to, and maybe Ro & Pat and Trav & I can do something else this evening. Unless the sun miraculously pops out and dries everything, but I'm not holding my breathe.

I suppose though, if that is all I have to complain about at the moment, then things really aren't that bad.

Honestly I think the worst thing right now is my PMS (minus the P.... hah, i know you needed to know that)... I am craving salty, but honestly if I eat anymore salt I think I will be so fluid filled that I will actually pop. I heart being bloated. Really.

Okay, well off I go. I get to walk thru the rain to deliver a deposit to the bank (for work). Fun fun. But I will leave you with 4 pictures from our trip to Cape Cod this past summer.

The first is of Travis, his two nephews, and niece sitting in front of their Cape Cod house. I love this picture!

This next one is Trav holding the lobster we then proceeded to cook and eat. Yum!

These next two are of the gorgeous sunsets that we saw up there. In the second one, Trav is fishing off the dock.


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