My family dog is dying. This is such a horrible feeling, and i don't know which is worse: the thought of losing her, or the inability to do anything for her.

From my dad:

"what we all feared was confirmed on monday, kelly has a cancer called intestinal adenocarcinoma. it has apparently spread to her spleen and maybe elsewhere as well. in addition, she has that enlarged heart.... or more precisely a build-up of fluid in the sac around the heart. it has increased the size by about 50%. they still aren't sure what is causing this as it's not related to the other problem. she may have cancer in that area as well.

the doc's best guess at time left is about 6 weeks or so....less (& with a rapid decline) if the heart problem worsens. this is all so very hard & sad.... especially for kelly's boy, ethan [my younger brother]!

the good news is that she is home with us for now & isn't in pain. she is on a steroid that does multiple things. it helps control the pain, picks up her spirits & gives her an appetite. at least we'll still have a little good time with her."

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