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So once again, no boss today. Very quiet and very relaxed here... not to say that it isn't relaxed when the boss is here, but there tends to be much more hustle and bustle. I was VERY productive yesterday (giving myself a pat on the back), so I've been a little more laid back today, and while still working hard, I'm doing it at a much more leisurely pace. I like that.

Nothing atypical to report today, except for the fact that I have tape on my chest, which is a very funny feeling when you are in fact not used to having tape on your chest (which reminds me of a funny story involving Rochelle, a red dress, some Glad Cling Wrap, and a very attentive boyfriend... but that's another story altogether). Let me explain:
About two months ago I noticed a little spot on my chest, about an inch and a half below my collarbone, and directly above my left nipple. It iched a little, so I just assumed it was a bug bite. Flash forward to last week. It's still there, and while no longer a bump, it is a red blotch about 3/4" in size, and it still iches. Jan notices it and askes me what it is, I explain the above, and she says "oh it's probably skin cancer, you should have it checked out." That's my Jan.
But I decide to make an appointment with a dermatologist just to be sure, plus it was annoying. So Monday I had my appointment, and the women was very nice. She thinks it was a bug bite or some other irritant, and that it got scratched too hard and the skin was unable to heal. So now I have medicated tape that I have to wear on my chest for a month until I see her again. Bleech. I repeat, a very weird feeling.

Anyway. Andy and Megan are back from their honeymoon, and sent Trav and I a link to some pictures...
Here's the happy newlyweds enjoying wine at one of the many vineyards they visited.
Here's Andy looking very laid back down in Maui.
And Megan enjoying the pool.

Aren't they adorable? Yea, as much as I love autumn... I could definitely go for a little time in Maui!! Doesn't look half bad there... ;-)
So here's my question to you: where did you all go for your honeymoons? (wow, is that the southerner in me?) what was your favorite part? if you had to choose today, would you still go to the same place?

Otherwise there is not much to report. We were supposed to have some people stop by last night to test our water as part of a free promotion this company was doing, but they called to cancel at the last minute, which was the 3rd night they had done that!! So I finally pretended to have a life, and told them that as much fun as it has been "waiting around" for them these past three nights, I was not going to do it again, so don't bother to come. To apologize the lady told me they would be sending us some coupons for free gas (along with some promotional material i'm sure). Hey, I'll take free gas, no problem!

Well, I think it is back to work time for me. I feel like I'm not very interesting today, so I'm not going to subject you to more ramblings!


  1. We went to Europe - Berlin and Amsterdam mainly. My Mom bankrolled the WHOLE trip and had an envelope full of Euro for us to spend when we got there. (some money she inherited a while ago that she just left in a savings account in Germany...something about not wanting to transfer it to the states because of exchange rates)

    This was a pretty amazing gift (Thanks Mom) because we were pretty poor at the time and for two weeks we had no monetary worries. Hotel rooms, museum admission, beer, wine, cigars, sex name it.

    We returned to our life of suburban poverty (not real poverty) with a global perspective and some great photos.

  2. we went to hawaii (kauai and the big island). I don't know what casey's answer would be to the question, but if I could do our honeymoon over again, I wouldn't go there. It was way to expensive. Personly, my favorite parts of all vacations is the eating, and while everything was extremely tastey there (Roys Restaurant is the best, they have one in philly), it was also very pricey. And I hated driving to cheaper places away from the resorts because I lived in fear of the rental car. So I was very stressed about how much every meal was costing as well as wrecking the car if we chose to find food off the beaten path.
    If I could do it again, I would do all-inclusive all the way (at the time, we didn't want to leave the US, and there are no all-inclusives in the US).
    You guys can come down to West Palm and honeymoon here!

  3. Hi Meg - i look at your blog all the time! eric and i went to Aruba and it was great. i loved our hotel (the Radisson) every meal we had there was wonderful. the most fun thing we did was go on this party bus called the "kuku kanuku" that brought us all out to dinner then to 3 local bars. SOOO much fun. i would go back to aruba in a second. the only thing i would of changed was i would of put on a higher SPF of sun screen my first day in aruba. i got sun poisoning on my face, which was not so fun.

  4. I love hearing about all your honeymoon's! They all sound so wonderful. I will definitely remember to wear sunscreen, and hopefully go all inclusive, and Barry... let your mom know that I'm there for her if she ever needs to pass off some more of her hidden overseas stash.

    ps. Spo, I didn't know you were sneaking around here!! Say hi more often.


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