Welcome October!!

Well it is now my favorite month of the whole year... and despite the fact that it is going to be EXTREMELY busy at work for the whole month, I'm going to try and enjoy it to the best of my ability. This weekend Travis will be away on Friday night to Saturday because of a meeting for the GLA (Psi U alumni basically), of which he is on the board. So I will probably just have a lazy evening Friday, clean up some, watch some movies, etc. Then Saturday I'm going to check out a local bridal shop... wish me luck there. Sunday we are going to visit a possible reception site in West Chester.
The following week (the 13th) is our 5 year anniversary, which Trav took off for, so that he can come into the city and we can get lunch together. Friday I worked out a nice evening for us to celebrate. Unfortunately I then have to work that whole weekend, but at least after that one of the two big events for the month will be over with.
The following weekend we actually don't have anything planned, but if the West Chester place doesn't seem like a good fit for us this weekend, then we will probably be using that weekend to check out some more places. That also happens to be the week of my hobags birthday. Yipee.
The final week in October holds one of the biggest events of the year for my work... the Annual Dinner, which will surely be a wonderfully stressful time.
And after that is Halloween. :-)

The month started off with a busy weekend for me. Friday night I drove up to Kutztown to see my bestest girl Babwa, whom I haven't had the chance to hang out with in person for probably about 2 months or so. Which is way too long. We stayed up until about 3:30, then woke up too early the next morning.
Then came the "highlight" of the weekend:
Me locking my keys in the car.


There is a first (and last) time for everything. It turned out okay because
1) I had my purse with me (outside of the car - please don't even ask why my purse was with me but not my keys)
2) I was in a parking lot with lots of handy stores around
3) I had left my passenger window cracked about 1"
and 4) I have very small arms.

$2.12 and one set of salad tongs later, I was able to break into my car. Ohhhh me.

The rest of the weekend was much more pleasant, and much less exciting (but still very fun). I headed from shopping with Heather to a visit with the quads, whom turned 6 last week. It was fun to see them, and to see how much Sammy had grown already! He's a big boy, cooing and smiling... a real cutie. Then it was home to see my cutie, who had been forced to entertain himself all weekend until that point. We watched Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (Very funny!), shared some wine, and I was more then ready for bed by 9:30!!
Sunday I got up at 9:45ish and got ready to head to a Bridal showcase with Megan. We didn't win any fabulous door prizes... but we had a great time. Then it was home for football.

And now, I'm here at work... still with tons to do, but being that my boss is out today (since lunch), tomorrow, and Wednesday for Rosh Hashanah... I have a bit more time to get it done.

So that about sums it up for me at the moment. I'm in a pretty good mood for a monday. Its a nice day, nice weather, and it's October. :-) This month just makes me want to be outside all the time. I love to take walks and look at the changing leaves. It's a great time.

Oh a side note, just curious what everyone thinks of Bush's new pick for Supreme Court... drop me a line and let me know. I'm eager to get other people's opinions on this. Honestly, I don't know what to think. Yea, it is great that he chose a women, but I think its a little odd that he chose one who does not have any judicial experience. He really has no idea how good or bad a judge she will be, and he wants to stick her on the most powerful court in our country.

Good lawyer does not a good judge make.

That plus the fact that she is one of his "guys"... well it just gives me a little of a funny feeling. Honestly, of course he wants to swing the Court in one particular direction, but (and here are my starry eyes coming out) he's supposed to be representing everyone and for every degree of right Roberts is, the new choice for nomination should be a equal representation of the left.
Obviously that is not how it works. Especially with one of the most partisan presidents of our time (and honestly I'm not trying to be a Bush basher here). But let me know what you guys think!

Okay, I have to get back to work now.


  1. Truthfully, it is brilliant conservative strategy. A tack-sharp, loyal, logistics-minded female with no history of judicial rulings. Makes partisan debate a bit hard at this point. I'm with you, glad it's a woman but weirded out that members of Bush's inner-circle are 1 by 1, becoming permanent fixtures in Washington. As Bill Maher said, "get your abortions now, ladies, cause they aint gonna be around much longer."

  2. My sister Megan locked the keys inside her car while it was running. Luckily, we were in the Bigs Lots parking lot, and could call mom and dad for help. But I do remember Megan saying, "my full tank of gas!" as we stood outside the car hearing the radio play inside it. And that was back when we could drive to GA for gas that was under $1 a gallon. How times change.

  3. And I'm frightened of all of Bush's friends. "You're doing great Brownie". Yeah, right.

  4. AND Finally! Before I forget again. Did you know that I bought my dress at the Lehigh Valley Bridal show? I got it for $99 (and then my aunt altered it for me). I know that you are tiny, but things can always be altered to be smaller (to fit you). So look for deals like that at your next show. My mom and I were the first in line to get to the dresses when the fashion show ended (we got in line while the show was still going on).

  5. I remember Mary telling me about her dress story. You go girl. Meg you will look awesome in any thing. We just have to focus on keeping Travis in his clothes. That boy likes nakedness a little too much. All in all you can't go wrong especially with the dress you have picked out. It is gorgeous. Honestly I can not talk about that other lady have not really read up on her view points. Maybe she has not yet.

  6. That is maybe she has none yet.

  7. I should keep writing maybe I can play connect the Ro pictures. You know you like looking at my beautiful face. Ha Ha

  8. I am curious as to how you used salad tongs to get your keys out.

    Second, since you are not bashing the president (I usually stay away from commenting on political issues especially when there is bashing going on.I happen to like Bush sure he makes mistakes but all,I repeat ALL and every president makes mistakes. It is politics. Name me a president and I can point out their flaws and mistakes.

    People waste energy and good vibes on bashing politician when they could be using that enrgy to actually help their cause. To help right the wrongs of the current government. Everyone wants to "write" the wrongs but do nothing to fix them. I digress)....Your question. Roberts was a more right of the center moderate. The new Nominee Meirs is more center moderate. Bush is probably making a concession to the powers that be in washington so they lay off of Delay for his mistakes. Politics. The fact that she was not a judge is perfect for confirmation. Not to many skeletons or judgments to look up. Also I think it is great that she was never a jurist. I was ever a lawyer but if I got called to jury duty I would be able to decide a death penalty case. A human life in my hands.?!? I don't even have a collge degree. It is what makes U.S. system great. Aslong as she can interpret the law she is a good choice. You would be a good choice as long as you can interpret the law. I have said too much.


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