TGIF!!!!! oh god yes, orgasmic...

Friday never felt so good. I have a good sized blister on each foot, a new pair of shoes (free to me, thanks work!), and a huge sense of relief. The biggest event of the year (for my work... and big enough that Philly named yesterday our day!!) is OVER. Hallelujah! It's been a stress filled time waiting for it to end, but it finally has, and now I can relax a little. Last night went so smootly, honestly we couldn't have asked for more. The Westin staff was wonderful (and in the case of some, pretty cute)... professional, helpful, and they really made the event go just as planned. The food was INCREDIBLE, and Dr. Henry Kissingers speech was very interesting. He's a lot shorter then I thought he would be, but still has a very in control feel about him. It was a long day, the event not ending until about 9:50 or so, and being on our feet for much of the time, but it was worth it in the end. Since my next train didn't leave until 10:55, two of my coworkers and I hit the bar in the hotel to have a free drink (courtesy of work I might add!), before heading out for the night. Of course my train ended up being late, so I didn't get home until 12! But what can you do. I got to sleep in this morning a bit, so all is well that ends well.

I also had a little pick me up this morning in the form of a few birds. I was just out of the shower and I heard some chirping outside my steamed up window. We had the shade down, so I lifted it a bit and there were two birds hopping around on the window sill, apparently having a very animated conversation. Another bird kept flying over and the middle bird would turn and start sqwaking at it until it flew away, at which point the first two would resume their hopping and twittering. It was very amusing to watch... and since the window was steamed I'm assuming they couldn't see me because they never flew off.

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Now it is just about time to start my weekend, not too much planned which sounds good to me. I can enjoy sleeping in a bit, and maybe get some work done around the house. Anyone have big weekend plans for Halloween?? What are you guys doing/dressing as? We don't real plans, although Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, this year we are definitely being a bit lazy about it. If anything we might dress up on Monday for the neighborhood kids' trick or treating. I'm definitely excited to see all the munchkins in their coustumes... we didn't get that last year and I was so disappointed.


  1. I hope that we get some tricker treaters. If not we may have to drive to your house. We have candy!!! Love you. Oh by the way come pick up your bottle of wine. It is a present from Pat and me.

  2. You can come trick or treating here, and we will fill your bag with candy and beer... ;-)

    You are the only special trick or treaters that get that treatment.


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