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So I have re-realized (and had reiterated, over and over again) just how busy October is going to be. Our first big event is this weekend, and we have a lot to accomplish before then. It will be a relief when it is over. So this week, my posts will probably be short, and i will probably miss days, but honestly I think that might be a good thing because I've felt my recent ones were dry and boring and rather unnecessary anyway. I blog because I love to, because it makes me happy even when I don't have much to say (it is one of my few creative releases), but who can't use a break sometimes, even from the things they love. So most likely I will be absent tomorrow and Wednesday... I won't say for sure though, because who knows what may happen in the interim. Thursday however, I will have to post something good because it is Trav and my 5th anniversary. So expect a Poop & Boogies-esq post about the way back when of our relationship. :-)
Anyway, I'm off for now. Tons to do, and anyway, I'm really just riding high on the whole buying my wedding dress thing... it's the first real big wedding step taken. Yay!

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