Well the weekend has been a vast improvement over my friday, thats for sure. The trains were back to normal by the time work was done, so I got home like normal. I ended up just staying there instead of going to Ro & Pat's for poker because my tummy was feeling a bit blah, and I was exhausted. So I just relaxed and watched tv and played on the computer. It was raining so hard, I couldn't even think of going out anywhere.
Saturday I woke up around 8 and just lay there for a while watching the rain outside the window. It was very bright out, but gray gray gray. After getting showered and dressed, and having a bite to eat, I headed out to a bridal shop in Collegeville, that my mom had found online. It was a pretty nice place... friendly people, nice selection... it definitely made me laugh though, because the buildings (two connected by a walkway) were the most ungodly pink and lavender purple colors that I'd ever seen. It looked like Valentine's Day had thrown up on them. I found one dress that I liked a lot, but in the end, it really wasn't the dress for me. When I was leaving I gave Megan a call to see if she wanted to grab some lunch, since Collegeville is right down the road from Mike's apartment, but she was too busy for me. (lol, j/k!!) Then it was back home.
Once again the rain was so unbelievably hard that it was impossible to see at some points... I was going 35mph at one point, on the damn Blue Route! Normally I'm 75 all the way. But I made it home and was able to relax some more and wait for Trav to get back. We had a relaxing evening, and after some email back and forth with my mom, I ended up buying my wedding dress online. See I had found my dream dress (which I originally found in a store for an unholy amount) online for a decent price. My mom wanted me to look around for a bit, but in the end we knew this was the dress for me, and she agreed. So now I have officially bought my wedding gown!! Yay!!
Today has been lazy... woke up slowly, finally its not raining. Have been relaxing and watching movies and football since. It made for a relaxing day when the women at the hotel we were supposed to visit today (for ceremony/reception site) cancelled on us. Oh well. Hopefully in a bit Trav and I can head out for a walk to get our blood flowing.
That's about all I suppose. It really has been a lazy weekend, but I am definitely enjoying that.
Also, a big thanks to everyone who told me about their honeymoons. They all sounded great, and I'm always up for ideas.
Okay, time for some more foolsball. :-)

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