one, two, three times a lady. or something like that.

Not a whole lot to say today... the weather is gross AGAIN, and work is the same as always. Not my dream job, but it keeps me busy and there are actually some nice perks in the works. For one, getting to meet Dr. Kissinger is not so bad! Also, Chattababy, I will most likely be in your area for work one weekend in March (one of the first two weekends). Perhaps we can have a chattalunch or a chattadinner, and you can show me how its done down there?!

Otherwise, all is normal here. It doesn't seem like your normal fall... but I'm still enjoying it. I wish there was as much color as normal, and that it would rain a bit less, but its still my favorite time of year. Right now I'm thinking about the Tinsley-Wright crew in FL. Fall time is hurricane time down there, and they've certainly seen the bad end of it this year. It seems that they are doing alright for the time though, and hopefully soon power and some kind of normalicy can be returned to their home sweet home. Okay, back to busyness for me...

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