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I'm in an awesome mood today. It's Wednesday so the week is halfway over already, always a plus. It's a beautiful day out, and its supposed to get sunny and warm. I have the best bridesmaids ever, and I can already tell (just from our emails) that we are going to have a bloody awesome time together!! (Lol, i speaka da british.) And on that note, I found the cutest picture of Lauren (my hobag, and the only bridesmaid to not yet have her pic posted), so as soon as I can remember to bring it into work and scan it... it's going up!! Also contributing to my good mood is my excitement about hanging out with Ro & Pat this Friday, and getting to see my family and poor sick puppy this weekend (be the circumstances what they may, I'm still thrilled to see them all).
So, lately Travis and I have been making the effort to actually sit down at the dining room table to eat dinner. I had always done that with my family growing up, and I had always thought I would do it with my own family. But Trav and I had fallen into the habit of just getting our dinner together and going to eat in front of the boob tube. It wasn't intensional, but we are always a bit wiped out when we get home from work. But we decided to change that. There is no reason to not eat at the table. This week has been great, we talk and laugh and have a great time at dinner. And we put off the boob tube, instead enjoying conversation... I'm loving it! Lol, not to say that our conversations are always deep... we had a nice one about Travis' fart last night... but they get us talking, and sometimes they are "deep" (so to speak).
Okay, well time to get to work again. Ciao!

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