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I'm so listless today. I check my work email, look at whatever comes in, decide that I can take care of it later, check my personal email, look at whatever comes in, decide that most of it is junk, delete it, stare at the computer screen for a while, half-heartedly attempt to get a piece of paperwork taken care of, repeat. I think I am getting back into my "I need a new job that is more gratifying, doesn't make me feel like I wasted 4 years of college, and of course pays much better" phase. The money thing is of course spurred by the wedding thing. Of course, this happens to just be a more stressful time of year.
But things at home are great. After starting out a little sheepishly, we had a great night last night (cooked super delicious stuffed chicken... mmm), and I look forward every day to going home and being with Travis. Work just a bit of a drag right now (which you've probably noticed over the last week plus), and I can't figure out exactly why. Nothing has really changed since November, and at the beginning of that month I had "found my groove" so to speak, and was just rolling along. I was productive and feeling good about work. Not so much now.
(check email, check email, glance at work pile, and I'm back....)

In other news (real news), how does everyone feel about the execution of "Tookie" Williams? This is such a charged topic, and honestly I'm torn. On one hand, he may just be a cold-blooded killer, and why should he get to live out his days when his victims can't? On the other hand, the man was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and has done so much work to turn kids away from gangs since his incarceration. That makes me think that if anyone should have their sentence converted to life in prison, it should be him... it seems like he could do more good that way. But in any case, it doesn't really matter now does it?

Okay, well I'm going to chow... then hopefully I can get my ass back in gear.

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  1. This type of retribution has nothing to do with the nature of Williams' transgressions but of our own civility as a "just" society.

    "why should he get to live out his days when his victims can't?" There are alot of answers to this question but it ultimately comes down to questioning an "eye for an eye" sense of ethics which is born of contempt and grudgery.

    Shouldn't this be left up to the victims families? HELL NO. Who am I to decide what type of retribution is appropriate? I am an American who is sick of a government that talks out of both sides of its who allows and even glorifies the slaughter of the innocent in one breath and then deems it deplorable and worthy of execution with the next. When are we (as a nation) going to acknowledge that we have a problem with violence that is only perpetuated by this tit for tat philosophy?


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