friday, sort of.

Happy day before the day before the day before Christmas!
I have no work tomorrow, which is brilliant. Love it. I also love wine... which was broken out in abundance at yesterday's lunchtime work Christmas party (which is funny because 75% of the office is Jewish). Along with the Presidents scotch-whiskey and cognac. Couple that with a bunch of food, including two decadent cakes (chocolate & vanilla), and we had all the makings of a very sleepy and unproductive afternoon. At least it wasn't only me. But honestly, who has a party like that in the middle of the day. I could have gone right to sleep... instead I stared at my computer screen in a comatose fashion for the last 2.5 hours of the day. But it was fun, and we had a good time. And today will definitely be more productive.
Got home last night and found a box shoved in our side door from his brother and sister-in-law... I'm wearing my new undershirt and sweater today. They are great. Well technically our neighbor found the box and alerted us... because honestly, who puts the box in the side door?! I mean, I know the delivery person probably figured it was safer, but due to the freezing weather and therefore the not openning doors more then needed, we wouldn't have noticed until spring.
But luckily we have great neighbors.

I also, have decided on a list of things I am thankful for:
After reading Permanent Vacation, I've decided that I am glad that I have no more Christmas shopping to do (hallelujah!).
After reading Dooce, I've decided that I'm glad I don't have children at the moment... while they might provide much material for blogging, they might also provide explosions of poop. Which the dog eats. Say it with me now... ewwwww. (ps. just so you all know, I think her child is wonderful, and don't take it the wrong way.)
After reading Chattababy, I've decided that I'm glad I don't know anyone named Mimi.

I think that I am very tired of linking to a million blogs everytime I talk about them, so it is about damn time that i update my links (see right side), and include all the wonderful blogs that I scope out on a daily basis. That way you can find them yourself.

Finally, to close... since I probably won't be "seeing" you again until Tuesday, here is a Holiday version of Thursday Thirteen (thanks to Agog and Agast):

Thirteen Things I'll Be Doing over Christmas Vacation:
1. Decorating the Christmas tree.
2. Hanging stockings.
3. Eating...
4. Eating A LOT.
5. Drinking wine... oh sweet nector of the gods.
6. Giving people presents (I love this part).
7. Openning presents (this isn't so bad either).
8. Seeing what will probably end up being Way too much family. (His grandfather, his aunt/uncle/2 cousins and maybe some of their kids, my parents, my brother, my grandparents, my uncle/aunt/2 cousins... and maybe more)
9. Wishing for a white Christmas (perfect if its there when we wake up Christmas morning)...
10. Wishing for no snow when it's time to drive home on the 26th.
11. Watching Christmas movies, including "A Christmas Story" probably 3+ times due to the marathon they run every 25th of December.
12. More wine, and more food. Clearly.
13. Enjoying this wonderful time of year with family friends food wine and fun. I love the holidays!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!! I hope they are all that you could wish for.

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