so all it takes is presents...

You have to love that cap!! :-)

So I see what it takes to get my loyal readers to respond... the promise of christmas presents. Well, as long as you all show your love eventually.

This past weekend was pretty joyus. There was, of course, my trip to see Babwa. Pictures are below, and here are some notable quotes (please ignore the fact that most of these are in fact about bodily functions, we did talk about other things):
... you're Satanic, and I'm standing in poop. This is not a good time.
Oh, you know how has a problem with clogging the toilets... Lol, Oh
Yes, she did it again. Oh, and your bath towels were the closest thing.
Oh... I think I just peed a little.
Here's what you need to do. You need to say feces more then once, and you need
to say rotting.

Here is the hot mama herself... in the midst of a hair "tune-up".

Oh yes, friday and saturday were just non-stop fun. We had a great time, and with a ton of her close friends, who are also great. Graduation went relatively quickly, and we headed out to eat afterwards at this place called Smokey Bones. They are amazing! Great food, and the people were so friendly. After all was said and done and we were all back to our cars (we carpooled to and from the restaurant), it was after 4! So I didn't get home until after 6... at which point my sweet fiance had dinner all ready and waiting for me. We were in bed early that night (around 9:30!), because I was exhausted... and slept for about 12 hours! It was amazing.

Waiting at Smokey Bones.

(l-r, on couch: J-core, Yiv, K-trout, Babs, and Moi...
I'm not ignoring the other girl, I just feel bad because I can't remember her name!)

Sunday was a lazy day, we relaxed a lot. Took a nice walk in the morning. That evening we headed over to Rochelle & Pat's for dinner. We stopped at Target and J.C.Penny's on the way because we had some time to kill. I got a new coat and a new pair of gloves, because I needed a nice coat that I could wear with anything, and my old gloves were falling apart.
Ro & Pat's was fun... she cooked a great meal of chicken and dumplings, and then we exchanged presents, and played a game of Settlers of Catan. After that it was time to head home.

Now its work time, and less then a week until Christmas. I have plenty of work to get done, so off I go!

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