Warning: The following post contains much discussion of poop, and pooping. Read at your own risk.

So normally I'm a once every day and a half to every other day pooper... (hey, I warned you)... but lately I have been pooping once or twice every single day. I'm a little creeped out. I feel like I'm constantly pooping.
All. The. Time.
It's not like I'm eating more either. I'm eating the same amount of the same stuff, except for a little bit of holiday candy thrown in. But not nearly enough to account for this! It's not really a problem (hell, if I lose some weight because of my pooping, I'm just fine with that... hopefully I will poop away my thighs before the end of January), but its just odd.

Anyway. Today is pretty damn quiet. My boss is out right now because his wife (who also works here) got sick, so he had to take her home. I'm taking it easy right now, slowly sorting thru the MASSIVE amounts of work emails I need to take care of... I got most of my stuff taken care of yesterday (go productive me), so I figure I can dawdle a bit today.
I'm also, once again, constantly thinking about babies. And pregnancy. But that's a lifetime away, and I need to think about getting through the next 9+ months until our wedding.

Okay, I should go get some work done now.

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