Honestly, this weekend was too short and too long all at the same time. Friday was exciting because my wedding dress finally came! I immediately had to take it upstairs, hide in the extra bedroom, and try it on. It fits pretty damn good (which either means their size 4 is different then a DB size 4, or I have gained weight... I'm going with the first choice), except of course for the fact that I will have to have it taken up about 10ft because I am damn short. That was expected though... bottom line: I Love It!!
Saturday morning I got up and got ready and headed up to stop by my parents and then to my hair appt. Unfortunately, my parents weren't around (thanks for mentioning bro!) so I ended up being real early to the hair dressers. Luckily she did not care and I just read mags until it was my turn. Then I got my hair washed, trimmed, and styled (normally I just do the cut, but it was a very nice treat!). It was super relaxing. After that I headed to see Laura, Rick, the quads, and the babe. Trav and I now have 3 adorable flowergirls, and 1 handsome ringbearer. Yay! After that I headed back home, and that night Trav and I went to his company Christmas party. It was a fun time... free food, free drinks, and I finally got to meet a lot of his coworkers that I have heard so much about. We had a really good time! I loved ending the night playing the Touch Screen with Trav... we always get a little wrapped up in that.
Sunday was our lazy day... we actually slept in (until about 10:30!!), then just lounged around for a while. We headed out to pick up some stuff, and when we got back decided to do our outside holiday decorating. First we wrapped the railing along the front of our porch with garland, then with white lights over top. We also wrapped the railing along the stairs with garland, and stuck our golden raindeer on the front porch. I think it looks pretty cute. Of course it is hard to compete with our neighbors, as every house surrounding us looks like Christmas threw up on it. Our style is slightly more understated.

Anyway, we are both getting pretty frustrated with wedding stuff again. I think for a while we were just cruising along on a wave of excitement after finding our ceremony/rehearsal site, and officiant, and all that stuff... but money is just such a downer. Unfortunately that put us both in a bit of a mood Sunday afternoon and we ended up getting in a tiff over some stupid little thing. We were kind of quiet the rest of the night and while we weren't angry with each other per se, we just didn't really talk much the end of the day. And no snuggling at night, which left me feeling very lonely. I should have just rolled over and hugged the boy, but what can I say... I'm stubborn.
Its just very frustrating because I don't want to focus on the money stuff... all it does is make me feel down. But obviously I know that we can't just ignore it either.
Maybe the karma that this family has been building up for the past 40 years will finally come back around to us and we'll win the lottery or something. But I'm not even going to cross my fingers for that one.

Okay, back to work.

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