* great galloping sighs of relief *

There is nothing like a Friday afternoon, when your boss leaves early, and you've accomplished most of your pressing projects, and you have the whole busy (but in a good way) weekend ahead of you.

Today has been busy but fun... and honestly that is enough in my job, to make me want to run down the street, twirling and singing "we are the world". Days like this make me love life in such a way so as to disgust myself. Isn't it great. Travis had the day off, so we've been periodically chatting on IM... and I get to look forward to one of my favorite dinners (shrimp alfredo on garlic & herb pasta with garlic bread and something green on the side) when I get home. Oh, there will also be wine! And you all know how I feel about wine!

Tomorrow we will do some shopping, then run out to the Holiday Inn to see it all set up for a wedding, then something until 6 when we are heading to dinner at Rochelle and Pat's. Sunday we will wake up to do some more shopping (one store, I think it is JCPenny's, is having a big one day sale... so we are definitely hitting that up), then back home to get all ready for my bridesmaids coming over to go get measured and order their bridesmaids dresses! Woo-hoo. Lunch with the girls after that, then back home to relax for a bit... then later that evening I will be heading into the city to spend the night at the Union League, where my work is having a big conference all day Monday... so that I can get up at the asscrack of dawn to help set up.

Hopefully we can do a little decorating this weekend for the ever looming, fast approaching holidays. I love Christmas, but boy do I feel completely not ready this year. Maybe a little decorating (hanging stockings, lights outside?, etc.) will help change that. Snow might too... which is what they are calling for Sunday night and Monday.

Okay, time for me to wrap things up here... have a good weekend all!

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