from barry

A little stroll down memory lane... as best I can.

10 years ago - I was in my last year at the middle school, dealing with my father's depression, my own depression. Excited to go to the high school, worried about being without my best friend (who's a year younger then me). Nothing much, I was 13! Lol.

5 years ago- I was in my first year at college, away from home and enjoying all the freedom which that allowed. I was in a new relationship with Travis and enjoying getting to know him, as well as playing with who I was and wanted to be. I had just gotten my first tattoo. It was a fresh start with all new people. I didn't sleep much, but I had a lot of fun, and met some people that would become my closest friends.

1 year ago- Travis and I were living with a friend from college, Mike. I was to the point of being comfortable at work, and looking forward to our first Christmas while living together (livin-in-sin, as some like to say). He had a ring... and I was waiting for it, hoping it would be coming soon, but not knowing for sure.

Yesterday - Yesterday was just another day at work... very quiet though with the boss out. Trav and I had a nice time though in the evening... we put up and decorated our mini Christmas tree. Oh, and I did manage to finish my Christmas shopping with a quick run out to grab something for Trav. He already has his done.

Okay, now your turn.

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