sleep stripping

Lately Travis has been dealing with an unusual sleep "problem"... sleep stripping. The kid doesn't walk in his sleep, doesn't talk in his sleep, but more then once now he has woken up without pants on. I mean, completely naked on the bottom.
Now this is a "problem" as opposed to a problem because he's not going to hurt himself doing this, it hasn't bothered me yet (or him until the morning), and really its only a big mystery. It's just weird, waking up without your pants on and having no idea why. He doesn't remember taking them off, and there are no, uh... signs of sex (which I won't describe here, as you all know what they are anyway, and at the risk of attracting every perv on Google to this post)... so the question remains, how are his pants coming off?

On another note: how did everyone get to work this morning (people from the south: barry, bill, mary, etc... you guys just keep your warm, non-snow covered mouths shut!!)?! The roads around Philly, at least on my side, were terrible! Luckily I only had to go about a mile to get to the train station, because i didn't get above 15mph the whole time. It was like they plowed without putting the plow all the way down. Oh, and I get to work around 9:20 because my train was 20 minutes late... and find that my boss had left me a message on my work phone at 9am (aka when i get into work) saying that I could decide if I wanted to come in or not. A lot of good that did! Oh well, I probably would have come anyway... due to my recent rash of anti-productivity (I was not only unproductive, but I believe I actually sucked some of the productivity from the rest of the office into the black hole of productiveness).

Okay, well I'm going to get to my productive day (yeah, personal peptalk). At least today is a friday... so everyone enjoy their weekend and drive safe.


  1. I heard about that "snow" thing on the television this morning. And last night watching Chicago on CNN made me shiver. Yuck. But then you guys get to appreciate fun things like hot chocolate and curling up in blankets on the couch. (While we're down here eating ice cream, of course.)

  2. I think I will use that excuse next time my pants "accidentally" come off in bed.

    If it turns out to be some rare condition let me know. I'd like to think that with a doctor's note, I might be able to go to work in my undies some day.

  3. Maybe it is not Trav's problem. Maybe it is that You are sleep Stripper/pantser. While you are sleeping you have to remove other peoples clothes.


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