this is the end, my only friend, the end.

Who wants to play name that tune?

So it is a Saturday and I'm blogging. Unique and special in and of itself, but today is a special day nonetheless. The last day of 2005. It has been quite the year. Brenna was born during a snow storm in otherwise sunny AZ, Travis turned a quarter of a century old, we bought our first house, two of our closest friends (Ro & Pat) got married, I got in a car accident and got a "new" car (bu-bye to my first car), about a dozen sets of friends got newly engaged, we finally started really wedding planning, Travis' brother got married, and just today Travis got in a car accident as well.

Today did not go exactly as planned... I was supposed to meet Cassie, Sebrina, and Babs, for our first get together with all four of us almost since high school! It was not to be though... I drove all the way up to my parent's, where I was stopping to pick up some stuff, and by the time I got on the road to head towards the restarant... it was snowing like crazy. The snowflakes were about half the size of my palm EACH. The roads were horrible, so I didn't want to chance getting snowed it up there... so I headed home. On my way I found out that Travis had gotten in a car accident down here, and when I got down here and called my girls, I found out that Cas had flipped her car!! Luckily no one was hurt, but still, what a day.

Travis and I have very relaxed plans for ringing in the new year. Staying at home, just the two of us, enjoying a late dinner with some wine, then popping a bottle of champagne for the count down. It will be quiet too, since we won't turn on the TV until about 11:55, since we don't want it to die until the countdown is over!!

And what does 2006 hold, well we'll just have to wait and see...
(sneak peek preview coming next week!)

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