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Happy Thursday... in fact not only is it
and you will get pictures from that. But I have finally also downloaded my random other pictures. Pictures from Heather's graduation have been added here, and one of Rochelle in her bridesmaid dress here, because otherwise this post was just getting too full!

First, HNThurs.:
Oh AZ, how I love thee... and thy swimming in April!
See, I love... I give you not only half-naked me, but half-naked Travis as well! Woo woo.

Please ignore the THUNDER THIEGHS... and the fact that it looks like I'm about to pop Travis' head off... (the humanity)

So there you go... now some random photos, just uploaded.

Here's Pikko! All settled into her new abode, making my desk more homey. :-)

I heart Pikko.

J-Core showing off his talent...

The kid can fit a whole damned quarter into his nose!! Okay, I don't care if I'm supposed to be an adult, and past the stage where boys sticking things up their noses is supposed to amaze me... but, honestly, that is impressive! There is no way you are telling me otherwise, unless you can fit a quarter up your nose too. (If you can, please send me a picture... but do not tell your doctor that it was me who told you to stick it up there, when you end up in the ER to have it removed!)

Last night was nice... a relaxing dinner with Travis. Laundry was done, cupcakes were made, and some stuff was readied for mailing. Not too shabby.

Okay, that's all... sorry nothing good, but so so so busy today. A big project to work on, for one of my coworkers, whose dad is real sick. A little stressed, but I know it will get done. Ciao!

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