tuesday... yup.

Well, the weekend was (of course) done in the blink of an eye! It was a nice time. Friday we just relaxed, drank a bit of wine. Saturday early afternoon we headed over to see the Holiday Inn done up for a wedding, and the experience left us feeling very good about the whole thing. Raymond was so great with them about working towards what the bride wanted for the day, and had no problem with taking care of those last minute details. He really went all out for them, and I have no doubts at all that he will do the same for us. After that we went and did some shopping (my brother - done, rochelle and pat - mostly done, my dad - hopefully done, heather - done), which was a good time... before heading to Rochelle & Pat's for dinner. Ro made this yummy chicken and dumplings *which she needs to email me the recipe for, since I forgot to get it from her then*... it was very good. Then we played a fun board game, and they gave us these awesome candle lights for our windows.
Sunday morning we woke up to find snow all over the ground! It was really pretty, but I don't know if I was ready for it... especially since it kept Heather from coming to join us at David's Bridal. Oh well, Lauren, Rochelle, and I had a great time. I took a picture of Ro in the dress, but where is it? Obviously still on my camera. First thing we did that morning though, was head to JCPenny's for their sale (all Trav!), and did just a little more Christmas shopping (trav - mostly done). Back home to relax and get ready, then my girls came over and off we went to David's, then to lunch. Good times.

Not the right color, but you get the idea... pretty right?! :-)

So the first two bridesmaid dresses are ordered, and the two Megan's, and Heather are just going to run out and grab theirs on their own (since DB is f*ed up). You should head over to Rochelle's blog and read her boob rant... its pretty amusing, and ya'll know I love to talk about boobs and butts. Lol.

After that I went back home and relaxed with Travis for a bit before he took me to the train station to head into the city. Due to the very early time I had to be at work Monday morning, to set up for our all day conference, work put me up in the city for the night. So I headed into the city, walked to my hotel, then got into my snuggly PJ and relaxed in bed for a little while watching some TV.

Yesterday was the work day from hell. Well, I guess it wasn't that bad, the event went smoothly... but it was just so long and boring for me, and the set up was rushed and behind schedule because I had to do a lot of it myself. It wasn't anyones fault (except when the place temporarily lost 4 of our boxes of stuff!!!), but poor Miyano was sick, so I didn't have her. Then there are those people who show up 40 minutes early (between 10-15 minutes early is all you need, no more!) and want to sign in, while I'm still trying to set up the room! So that was just a little stress first thing in the morning. But overall the day was fine... although the highlight was definitely getting home.

So hopefully soon we will have an officiant to add to our list of completed wedding decisions. I found someone I really like and Trav seems to like her too... so I just have to get a reply about a pricing question and we will probably book! Yay!!!

As for today... well I'm at the front desk (Miyano left today for a week in Japan), and I never really love that, but the day is fine besides. I'm having trouble being productive... but finding plenty of things to keep me busy!! Lol. Reading blogs, checking email, and IMing periodically with my hobag, Lauren (seen here with her bf Mike, looking perdy at his work Christmas party):

Isn't she gorgeous?! :-)

Okay, well I do have to go and be productive now. Right... Wish me luck with that one!

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