some days you just feel off...

...that has been the past week for me. I really dislike sitting at the front desk (which you have probably noticed). I get thrown outta wack. This week it has been so much worse then normal. I'm having a lot of trouble getting work done, and at this point am basically getting done only what I need to do to keep from getting trouble. Honestly I might as well be staring at the wall mumbling to myself. I swear, this conversation I had with Lauren earlier (love IM) was the best thing I did all day, my chance to shine!

Lauren: i have to poop btw
Me: oh good, i was wondering about that.
Me: really, i think about your bowels all the time.
5 minute pause
Me: btw, sorry i wasn't talking. i went and took a poop...
Me: you inspired me
Lauren: HAHAH
Lauren: im inspirational!
Lauren: how was the poop
Me: satisfying, thanks for asking
Lauren: im here for you

Doesn't that just scream motivation? (oh, and I believe there has not been nearly enough poop talk on the web lately, and i am doing my part to change that.)

Oh good, I just got salad dressing all over myself too. I might as well give up and go home now.
I did however, find two beautiful, brand new pashminas online which I am going to buy for two lucky ladies (i know who they are and I'm not telling!) for Christmas. I love checking things off my Christmas list. My family is almost done (just have to finish my dad), his family is almost done (just have to grab something for his bro), my babwa is done, my hoser is done, Ro & Pat are pretty much done (just have to pick the damn thing up!), Megan and Mike are done (pretty much), hmm... who else is left? Oh! Laura and Rick are done, I just have to get the kids stuff and that is pretty much it.
So at least that makes me feel a bit more sucessful. Of course there are holiday cards to think about, and the fact that we should probably firm up our guess list and maybe find some save the dates to send out... oh boy. I'm just going to revert to basking in the glory of almost being done with the Christmas shopping.

Is it 5 yet?!
I can't even take a walk to "recenter" myself, considering it is a whopping 33 degrees (feels like 29 degrees according to

Okay, I'm going to stop eating and get back to work. Knowing my luck, I'll find my groove and start to be able to get things done at, oh, 4:59...

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