F-R-I-D-A-Y.... friday friday friday!

Dear Santa,
I feel that I have been pretty good this year. I haven't been too much of a b*tch (can't completely change who I am!), and I've tried to be understanding of Travis' needs. I hope that you can give presents to all the children, and all the nice people in the world. Not the mean ones, just the nice ones.
Please bring extra presents to the following people for making me laugh this year: the ChattaFamily, LehighBaby & Co., the Fearsome (soon-to-be) Foursome - aka. Poop&Boogies, the crazy SAHFam (Stay at Home Family) of Dooce, the Waterlogged Mainliners, Friday Playdate, and last but not least - Trent, my resource for all that is gossip. Without them, I might have gotten a bit more done at work, but I would have been in much worse spirits.
Thank you very much Santa.

Your ever-changing, yet humble, women of yearning,

PS. If you so happen to have a few bottles of nice white wine, some great sharp cheddar cheese or feta or some other cheese made with the fine fine liquids a la goat in that bag of yours... you would make me the happiest little wino in Philly.
Oh, and a wedding. That would be nice too...


I'm in a great mood today, what with it being friday and the weather being practicallly tropical compared to what it has been for the past few days. Plus, I've been so very productive today! It's great.
I've also eaten enough candy (chocolate licorice, japanese fruit gummy candies, malted milk balls, mini nonperils, etc! - all that people have brought into the office... damn them) that I swear I've gain at least a pound or two since this morning, but that is a whole other story.

Tonight I am heading up to my best friend in the whole wide world, Heather's, to spend the evening since tomorrow morning she is GRADUATING. Go Babs!! I've very excited for her, she's worked very hard for this. She also went for and got the job that she really wanted, something that she will love... which isn't something everyone can say! Anyway... we always have a great time together, and I'm sure tonight will be no exception.

Okay, I'm going to run with this productive thing.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks, Meegs, for putting in the good word with the Big Man. Do you think he knows I like cashmere?

    Have a happy Christmas, and a good weekend. And hooray for a productive Friday! Someday I'll have one of those . . .

  2. Don't worry, Santa always helps those in need...

  3. Who offers such anonymous wisdom so freely? Santa? That you?

    Thanks for including us in your letter. I wish your family the best 2006 ever...may your table be full of meat and your teeth, sharp enough to bite it.


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