rum, because its a day that ends in a 'y'

Life is more fun when you have some rum...
unfortunately i don't really have rum because I am still at work. But, I would so drink rum right now if I had some!!
It's a late night for me here at the office. I hate that, but sometimes it just has to be done. So I'm sitting here, alone save for one other person at the other end of the office... (well, and the whole conference room full of people, but they are complete seperate from me, and don't their own thing)... right now i'm trying to get ahold of the damn judge that i talked to before (re: officiating) to let him know that we think we settled on someone else, but since apparently this guy does not believe in answering his phone or using an answering machine, there isn't much else I can do.
Besides, my mind is anywhere else today... and for me, anywhere else often means the gutter. Well, lately wedding stuff as well, but mostly the gutter.

Anyway, before this post goes down a road that no one wants to take (my physical Inbox for example, right Barry?)... i want to give a huge shout of "Congratulations" to my Babwa... my Maid of Honor, my best friend for the past 19 years, and now a brand new employee of Keynote. She has worked hard to get there, and now she is where she wants to be... which not everyone can say, so I'm so happy for her. Any of you that know her should send her some love too.

I Love You Babwa! You rock my world!!
Okay, time for me to eat... before I start digesting myself.

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